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How to get old Tumblr dashboard back

Have you been a long-time Tumblr user? Do you long for the classic dashboard design of the past? How to get old Tumblr dashboard back? You’re not alone. Many users have expressed their desire for a return to that design that made it easy to browse through posts and interact with your fellow bloggers. In this post, we’ll tell you how you can get the old Tumblr back and store the excuse that you don’t need to ask for directions because we’re going to be taking a trip back to memory lane. And we’re bringing a trick; some of you must be feeling nostalgic by now!

Recent Years’ Changes to the Tumblr Dashboard

Tümbler’s dashboard interface has experienced a number of changes in recent years. Those who have been on the platform for some time have watched their beloved dashboard undergo a shift in design and function. A once-familiar design has evolved, delivering new features and new options for getting around.

Some longtime fans of Tumblr may miss the simplicity and familiarity of the old dashboard, as Tumblr aims to update it for a better user experience and keep up with the latest design trends. For those navigators, the cleaner interface may feel overwhelming or less intuitive than the version they’ve long been used to.

On the Internet, the natural evolution of any platform involves change, but it’s often driven by the version of a product that its users find most comfortable and navigable. There’s a longing, at times, to go back to the old Tumblr because it allowed for the feeling of mastery and the convenience that mattered to the user. How to get old Tumblr dashboard back?

It is up to platforms like Tumblr to continue to balance that future-looking innovation with the core ingredient that makes their recipe tap into users. Symbol Like()% By Kieran Alger, posted on September 18th, 2015

Why some users want the old Tumblr dashboard back

Remember when navigating through Tumbler was a breeze? The old design’s simplicity, intuitive layout, and ability to combine your favourite blogs into one dashboard made your easy passage through days, weeks, and months a reality.

Some users just aren’t digging Tumblr’s new design. The convoluted navigation, an aesthetic that leaves much to be desired, and constant changes have left many feeling let down and longing for simpler times.

The old Tumbler dashboard had a sort of effortless yet inexcusable magic to it. It was clean, organized and, most importantly, as user-friendly as a social media site ever gets. Users used to say it with pride every time: “How to get old Tumblr dashboard back.”

Thus, if she had to pin her lack of creativity and Tumblring in general, she would most prefer it to be that of her own fault. Thank you very much.

Bringing back Tumbler’s old dashboard isn’t just about a sense of nostalgia; it’s about the fact that it just worked, and since when has that been a bad thing for any site? Users want a site that works with them, not against them. She longs for a time when simple design and function were options, not adaptations.

In a digital world of never-ending change and up-to-the-minute developments, sometimes taking it back to square one is just what users need to feel right at home on one of their favourite platforms ever.

Steps to Getting the Old Tumblr Dashboard Back

How to get old Tumblr dashboard back
How to get old Tumblr dashboard back

Do you miss the classic Tumblr look and wish there was a way to return to the halcyon days of old? How to get old Tumblr dashboard back? Here are a few steps toward a traditional look.

First, go to your account, and under the ‘New Tumblr’ account settings, look for an option that allows you to adapt your appearance.

Then search your web browser or extensions for add-ons that will allow you to manipulate the web design. Some extensions offer themes created from the outset to emulate the look of “old” Tumblr, so this is worth a shot.

If your convenient device is a smartphone or tablet, explore the various applications available on their respective app stores that afford similar customization options for your Tumblr experience; some may have shifting capacity that will allow you to reconfigure to the Tumblr of yesterday.

If your changes don’t stick, particularly on a portable device, remember to reboot your browser or restart the app. Now, have fun rethinking your nostalgia for the old Tumblr facade!

Explore Other Options Instead of Going Back to the Old Tumblr Dashboard

If you aren’t willing to go back to the old Tumblr dashboard but want things to be more familiar, How to get old Tumblr dashboard back? you have a few options. There’s no doubt that you could adapt the current dashboard using themes and Internet-sourced tweaks. That way, you could still apply some of your skills to get the look you want without returning in any official capacity. You could also use third-party creations that offer a similar feature set, such as minimalist designs, time-based feeds and other ways of getting more control over the Tumblr browsing experience.

At the same time, these browser hacks or extensions built specifically to enhance Tumblr’s use can be a great way to tweak the look and low-level function of the control panel to your liking. They might not be a direct parallel to the old dashboard or mass post-editing, but they could add more features and customization without altering the classic design too much. In short, you might not have to stick to the new order, even if you don’t have an official choice in the matter.

Tips for Customizing and Personalizing Your Tumblr Dashboard

Looking to create a dashboard that truly speaks to your personal style and interests? How to get old Tumblr dashboard back? Your dashboard is an environment where adaptation and personalization can go a long way toward enhancing your experience while using the platform. Begin by selecting a theme that resonates with you whether that’s minimalist, high fashion or art. Themes in this category are endless and can be found by running a quick search online. Minimal, colour, and art forms are the most common subjects, and there is a range of subjects to choose from, too.

Other background information for adaptation includes the organization of your dashboard by creating separate categories or headings for the different types of content that you enjoy. This will make it easier to locate on the occasion that you wish to find this functionality later, as it will help to simplify your experience as well. You might also want to consider adding bikes or extensions that will supply your dashboard with more functional or visual add-ons.

Finish up with a colour scheme and line settings that match your aesthetic preferences. Try different combinations until you find one that feels just right. Don’t forget to play with other validations by rewiring their positions, reading their content, and giving them some love within your society. This is a great way to make some new friends and find a whole new array of content!


And yet, in his mind, change is inevitable in the world of Tumblr and even when it comes to how to get old Tumblr dashboard back there’s no reason to abandon ship entirely if it’s not to your liking. Sometimes, turning back is a way to give knowledge and comfort to others who prefer the look and features of the past.

Whether you opt to return to the old dashboard or seek out alternative solutions, just remember that the key is A/C, my friends. Make your Tumblr experience truly your own by customizing your dash with themes, extensions, and widgets that reflect your unique style and interests.

But the way we see it, you either roll with changes that will enhance the experience you’re used to while holding on to the bits of the past that still bring you enjoyment, or you don’t leave your Tumblr dashboard and How to get old Tumblr dashboard backspace feeling at home in a grand online community you create it any way you bring more.



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